Our ServicesRefurbished IT Equipment.

We reuse, refurbish and recycle IT hardware and accessories including monitors, computers, laptops, networking equipment, servers and telecoms equipment. We only ever undertake reuse and refurbishment where you have given us permission to do so.


Our refurbishment process is strict and controlled. We carry out each stage in house, allowing us full traceability:

  1. Inspection

    We assess suitability for reuse, checking the equipment is of an acceptable condition, specification and grade. We visually and carefully inspect items for asset tags, labels or identifying marks and remove them.

  2. Secure data destruction

    We destroy all data through erasing, degaussing or shredding the hard drives. Each process guarantees 100% data destruction.

  3. Refurbishment

    We refurbish the equipment to the highest standards, ensuring it’s a good quality product, fully tested and in full working order.

  4. Recording

    We keep full records of equipment make, model, serial number, grade and functionality.

  5. Remarketing

    We carefully remarket the equipment to a select number of fully audited UK resellers or third party reuse organisations. This allows us to give you further traceability on your retired assets.

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