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Where refurbishment  is not an option, due to low value or because our customer has not authorised it, we provide a secure and environmentally safe disposal service for redundant IT equipment. This includes computers, monitors, servers, printers, routers and other network equipment.


Where this requires disposing of hard drives or other data storage devices, such as flash drives, data tapes or CDs, we offer a secure data destruction service. This gives you reassurance that your data has been safely destroyed, meeting your own legal and compliance requirements.

Once any data has been removed, we manually strip down items, to recover as many individual components as possible for maximum reuse and repair. This can include memory modules, processor chips, motherboards, LCD displays, graphic cards, keyboards or power supplies.

We then carefully dismantle what’s left into individual parts and base materials for specialist recycling, such as copper wires, aluminium/copper heatsinks, power supplies, hi-grade PCBs containing gold, low grade PCBs containing copper, cables and plastics. Items of low intrinsic value, such as computer casings, are further shredded to separate steel from plastic.

We make sure we achieve maximum value and optimal recycling rates for every single item. All base material we recover is fully recycled within the UK, and nothing is exported. This allows us control over materials and to carefully audit our end refiners, ensuring they meet our exacting standards.

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