Our ServicesData Destruction.

We offer secure data destruction services for all types of data including:

Electronic Media – hard drives, SSD devices, data tapes, CDs and memory sticks.

Paper Documents – we offer secure offsite document shredding for archive storage files and paper documents.

We offer secure data destruction services for all types of data including:

Electronic Media-  hard drives, SSD devices, data tapes, CDs and memory sticks. We provide this service inhouse at our secure facility, or at your own premises. We offer three types of process, each of which guarantees 100% data destruction, with no possibility for data to escape:

Licensed software erasure

We use the highest level data erasure software, which carries the best standard available in the UK, to HMG Infosec Standard 5/CESG level. Erasure is carried out by our technicians, who have been specially trained in the latest versions of the software. Certified data erasure is provided electronically, confirming the serial number and specification of each individual drive.

Certified hard drive degaussing

We can carry this out on all magnetic data bearing devices on site at your premises, to ensure all data is destroyed before your material is transported.

Document Destruction –  We offer a secure, professional collection and offsite shredding solution for all types of paper documents and archive storage. Documents are destroyed in our secure CCTV monitored facility,  all to EN15713 standards.


Physical destruction

We use our custom built shredders on all types of storage devices to reduce them to tiny pieces and ensure complete physical destruction of your data and media. All items pass through two shredders (to physically destroy the items) and two overhead band magnets (to degauss the magnetic media). The securely shredded pieces are then further refined to recover plastic, aluminium and precious metals.

Each of our methods ensure complete compliance with the Data Protection Act (2018), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all other current regulations and WEEE legislation. We’ll give you full documentation as proof and reassurance that your data has been securely destroyed. Our destruction process can also be witnessed or recorded for your benefit.

We specialise in the secure recycling of IT and WEEE equipment across the UK and Ireland.

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