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We offer a variety of services to ensure that whatever needs you may have, we can meet!

Data Destruction

We offer secure data destruction services for all types of electronic media storage devices, including hard drives, data tapes, CDs, memory sticks, archive storage and documents.

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Refurbished IT Equipment

Where permission has been given, we reuse, refurbish and recycle IT hardware and accessories including monitors, computers, laptops, networking equipment, servers and telecoms equipment.

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Electronic Waste Recycling

We’ve been involved in a continuous programme of recycling advancement and development since we first launched in 2000. The emphasis is on the reuse of complete products wherever possible.

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IT Disposal

Where refurbishment is not an option, due to low value or because our customer has not authorised it, we provide a secure and environmentally safe disposal service for redundant IT equipment.

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Full Service Pick Ups

We’re completely focused on our customers at all times and offer a full, flexible and secure service to make everything convenient and straightforward for you.

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