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Our Managing Director Bruce McLean has worked at the forefront of electronic recycling for decades and has been with CCL since it was established in the year 2000. Bruce and our team have grown CCL into a leading recycling company, which cares for its staff, customers, local community and the global environment.

With a low staff turnover, many of our first employees remain with us today, offering a high level of experience and continuity to our customers. Each member of our team – from warehouse staff and office administrators, to company directors – is highly trained and fully vetted through Disclosure Scotland, giving you reassurance your data and equipment is in safe and reliable hands.

The environment is at the centre of every single thing we do on a daily basis. We make a huge effort to maximise the level of reuse and recycling – from loading kit into our vehicles with care to avoid damage, to reusing as many parts as is physically possible. We also do absolutely everything we can to reduce our own carbon footprint, such as minimising the routes of our vehicles and using re-usable containers to avoid packaging waste.

We take our corporate and social responsibility very seriously, we support a diverse workforce, recruiting, employing, promoting and supporting employees from long term unemployment and disadvantaged backgrounds. We are registered as a supported business on the Readyforbusiness Supported Business Register.



Our sister company Restructa Ltd. are specialist recyclers of TV and Display products. Together we provide one of the most comprehensive recycling services in the UK, jointly offering a total of 50,000 sq ft of processing across our secure facilities. Both equipped with latest technologies and equipment to provide the highest recycling rates across the UK.


Visit our sister company Restructa Ltd. to find out more.


We have also launched a new decorative glass aggregate product made entirely from recycled TV screens. This innovative product can be used in a number of ways including driveways, gardens, pot toppers, ponds and water features. We have devised a unique process to create this new versatile and striking product which we have launched as Glasglo.


Visit our Glasglo site to find out more.

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